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Chara Ministries Deliverance Center Chara Ministries Deliverance Center

Ministry Accomplishments

Year of 2001

Pastor Edna Hooker Hall
Deacon Isaac Hall
Minister Marian Jones - (May)

Mother Board

Judy Dupree

Bertha Strayhorn


Church Van #1

Church Outings / Special Programs

Kings Dominion

Bill Fay Park

1st Family & Friends Day Celebration


Hallelujah Night (Chara's Angels Sponsored)

1st Marriage Seminar: Guests - Pastor Douglas & Cynthia Kornegay

Was accepted into the Northwest B Annual Conference as a Bona Fide Mission

Organization of our Monthly Bonding Fellowships: Children, Families and Couples (One group per month)


Chara's Community Developmental & Recreational Complex, Inc. (CCDRC)   Founder & Executive Director: Pastor Edna Hooker Hall

Bearing Our Babies and affiliate of CCDRC was organized

Bearing Our Babies held first After School Program