Making The Vision Plain

Posted by: Dr. Edna H. Hall on Wed, May 11, 2005:

*****Visionary Ministries*****
I.   Evangelistic Outreach Ministry Calling Tree
(Women's Agape Fellowship) (Mighty Men of Valor Fellowship) (Chara's Angels Fellowship) (Adult Bonding for Jesus Fellowship) (Fellowshipping with Love Services) (Evangelistic Outreach Services)
II.   Hospitality Ministry
III.  Music Ministry
IV. Transportation Ministry
V.  Ministering to the Whole Man (Spiritually & Educationally)
VI.   Ministering to the Whole Man (Mentally & Physically)
VII.  Counseling (group & one on one)
VIII.  Tutorial (where needed)
IX.    Food Bank
X.   Recreationally
XI.   Elderly Ministry
XII.  Janitorial Ministry
XIII. Seed-sowing Ministry (Tithes & Offerings)
XIV. Correspondence Ministry (secretaries)

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