Statement of Ministry

Posted by: Dr. Edna H. Hall on Wed, May 11, 2005:

Statement of Ministry
Ministry goals
1.   To build a caring atmosphere and a team spirit within the body of Christ so each
      member will be accepted into the team, enabling him or her to grow physically, emotionally, 
      and spiritually. To help other members grow as he or she grows, resulting in team
      members ministering to each other.
2.   To make the church an island in a hostile world where each Christian can come for 
      worship, strength, identification, learning, equipping, strength, and fellowship.
3.   To develop an effective outreach ministry, involving and utilizing the gifts and personalities
      of every member to stair-step those people they care about into the body of Christ. To offer a
      place of service to meet needs and fit the various spiritual gifts within the church, without
      ever forcing anyone into a mold they do not fit.
Ministry Purpose (Ephesians 4)
1.   To provide balance in the church by correlating programs and creating the structure needed
       for overall growth and ministry potential.
2.   To help all believers discover and use their God-given spiritual gifts so each one, according
       to their strength, is ministering to others according to their needs; with the objective that the
       total body will grow and each individual will become spiritually mature. (We do not want to
       violate the integrity of any by manipulating them into a position for which they are 
       unqualified and uncomfortable, but will help all fulfill their dreams and potential through 
       the church by offering places of service and utilizing each Christian where they best fit in
3.   To communicate leadership attitudes and skills to every leader and layperson so all will
       grow into greater leadership positions of ministry within the church and within their
       personal life.
4.   To prepare each member to carry out the ministry of the church by providing them tools to
       accomplish these tasks.
5.   To minister in and through small groups, thus bonding each believer to a small group, so
       that both the individual and church are strengthened. (The church grows numerically and
       spiritually by adding groups for ministry, thus fulfilling the strategy of the body growing by 
       the division of cells.)
6.   To help all believers in their task of evangelism, reaching their friends, neighbors, and
       relatives through existing relationships, sharing Christ with those beyond their circle of
       acquaintances, and becoming part of a team evangelistic outreach, thereby ministering to
       and reaching others for Christ through networking and bonding them to the church and
       ultimately to Christ.

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