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Recreational Complex, Inc. Owner & Manger of S & H Creative Hair Designs
My name is Edna Hooker Hall. I was born in Wilson County, Stantonburg on December 23, 1954 to Miss Hattie Bell Hooker and the late Raymond Wooten, Sr. I am the second child of eight raised by my grandmother until she passed in 1967. I assisted my mother in raising my five brothers and two sisters after my grandmother died. My childhood was reduced from playing with dolls and tea sets to making biscuits and boiling pots. I graduated from high school in June 1973 and on November 9, 1973 I married Isaac Hall and we now have two children, Camille L. Hall; twenty-seven and Kevin T. Hall; eighteen.  We are also the legal guardian of my great great niece who is seven years old.  My goal for my life was to attend college and become a schoolteacher, but I got married instead and went to work. I never lost my dream to go to school and get a degree in education. I have always dreamed of having something organized that would help people to become somebody by building their self-esteem. Although the manifestation of my dream was delayed six years, I did not give up. My aim and goal is to prepare people mentally, physically, and financially throughout the community. My goal is to assist them in meeting life challenges with a positive outlook. My goal is to assist them in meeting life challenges with a positive outlook. My goal is to erect a facility where goals can be met and administer aid to the whole man. Our aim and goal is to develop well-balanced, well-rounded, individuals through various means of structured techniques, both educational and recreational. We aim to provide and edifice that will meet the needs of all people, no matter what the race, creed, ethnic background or financial status. We aim to provide an itinerary that will meet their needs spiritually, mentally, and physically. We will strive to build a caring atmosphere and team spirit within and without the community so each individual will be accepted into the team enabling him or her to grow, and to help other members grow as he or she grows, resulting in team members ministering to each other. We will develop an effective outreach, involving and utilizing the natural talents and gifts, and the personalities of every person to stair step those that suffer from low self-esteem. My goal is to communicate leadership attitudes and skills to every one who enters the facility. My dream began to unfold in 1980 when I enrolled in Cosmetology at Lenoir Community College. I continued in school until I received my Associated Degree for Vocational Instructors. I entered my first classroom, teaching beginners in Cosmetology, the spring of 1983 at night. After teaching one year I opened my own business called "Edna's Corner," Later in 1990 to become S & H Creative Hair Design. Becoming Pastor  & Founder of Chara Ministries Deliverance Center and Founder/Director of Chara's Community Developmental & Recreational Center (CCDRC) has enabled me to reach out into the community and complete my goal to help people become the best that they can be.  I am reaching out to the youth in the community through a program called "Bearing Our Babies" that was organized under the non-profit organization, CCDRC. After receiving the 501(c) 3 status for the organization I went back to LCC and received my Early Childhood Credentials.  Other community outreach programs include "Healing the Family from Addictions" and Health and Wellness for all People,"  I have written two books entitled "From the Cross, to the Cradle, to the Castle" and "Surviving Spiritual Boot-camp."
Christian Studies
Bachelors Degree in Biblical Counseling
Doctorate Degree in Theological Studies
Masters Program for my Master's  Degree in Christian Counseling
Presently enrolled in the Doctoral Program in Christian Counseling

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