Purpose of the Ministry

Posted by: Dr. Edna H. Hall on Wed, May 11, 2005:

Calendar on Purpose
January and  June
Maturity months. Emphasis will be on spiritual maturity,. Read through the New 'Testament as a congregation, memorize a Bible verse together each week, hold a Bible conference.
February and July
Ministry months. During these months we will hold a ministry fair to recruit people for ministry. The pastor will preach a series on ministry. People will be encouraged to join a service group.
March and  August
Magnification months. We will emphasize personal and corporate worship.
April and September
Membership months. We will place special emphasis on recruiting attenders to become new members. Have a number of church wide fellowship events like picnics, festivals, and family and friends day.
May and October
Missions months. We will have activities like personal evangelism training, a missions conference, and special hands on mission projects.
Applying Our Purpose
Purpose Statement
To bring people to Jesus and membership in his family,
develop them to Christlike maturity, and equip them
for their ministry in the church and life mission in
the world, in order to magnify God's name.
'The Missions 'Team
The Director of Mission
The missions team is assigned the purpose of evangelism. Their target is the community. Their job is to plan, promote, and oversee all of the church's bridge events, seeker groups, evangelism training, evangelistic activities and programs, and mission projects. They are to organize whatever it takes to reach our community and our world for Christ.
The Magnification/Music Team
The Director of Music
This team is assigned the purpose of worship. Their target is the crowd. Their job is to plan and oversee our weekend seeker services, special worship emphases and events, and to provide music and worship resources to the rest of the church.
Membership Team
The Director of Membership
This team is assigned the purpose of fellowship. Their target is the congregation. It is their business to care for the flock. They run our monthly class for prospective members. They oversee all ,:> support groups, weddings, funerals, pastoral care, hospital visitation, and benevolence within the congregation, finally, this team is responsible for all major fellowship events within our church family.

The Maturity Team
Director of Maturity
The maturity team is assigned the purpose of discipleship. Their target is the committed. Their goals is to lead our members to deeper spiritual commitment and help them develop to spiritual maturity. This team operates the monthly class, and is responsible for the j/e Development Institute, the midweek worship service, all Bible studies, growth groups in homes, and special church wide spiritual growth campaigns. They also produce family devotional guides, Bible study curriculums, and other resources to help believers grow.
The Ministry Team
The Director of Ministry
This team is assigned the purpose of ministry. Their target is the core. Their job is to turn members into ministers by helping members discover their gifting for ministry and guiding them to find either an existing place for ministry or a new ministry. This team is responsible for all service groups. They also assist, train, and supervise the lay ministers of the church. The goal of this team is to help every member of the church find a meaningful place of service that best expresses his or her gifts and abilities.

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