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Chara Ministries Deliverance Center Chara Ministries Deliverance Center

NWB Conference Churches NWB Conference Churches


Churches Worship Pastor
Antioch Every Sunday Pastor Gregory Messick
Beautiful Valley 2nd & 4th  Elder Nathan Darden
Best Chapel (G) 1st & 3rd Elder James Powell
Best Chapel (W) 2nd & 4th Elder Clifton Jones
Bethany 1st & 3rd Elder Aaron Jarman
Bethel Light Every Sunday Dr. William Hutchins
Center of Love Mission 2nd & 4th Eldress Rachel Barrett
Chara Ministries Deliverance Center Every Sunday Dr. Edna H. Hall
Deliverance Every Sunday Dr. William Peterson
Emmanuel Hill Every Sunday Dr. Veronica Jackson
House of Hope 2nd & 4th Pastor Minnie Stackhouse
Goldsboro Chapel Every Sunday Elder James Collins
Gospel Friendship 2nd, 3rd & 4th Eldress Virginia Best
Greater St. John Every Sunday Dr. William Mitchell, Jr.
Herring Grove 2nd & 4th Dr. Michelle Gooding
Hines Chapel  2nd & 4th  Elder Braxton Frederick

Holly Grove

 Every Sunday

Elder Cirlister Briggs, Jr.

Hull Road Every Sunday Pastor Wandra Williams
Jerusalem 2nd & 4th Elder Anthony Davis
Judah Every Sunday Eldress Dalphine Hart
St. Luke    Bishop Joe Dixon
Macedonia 1st & 3rd Elder William Waters
McCoy Chapel 1st & 3rd Elder Jacob Pickett 
Mt. Calvary 1st & 4th Dr. Johnnie E. Reddick
Mt. Carmel (N) 1st & 3rd Eldress Shirley White
Mt. Zion 1st & 3rd Elder Lucious McCaffity
New Joy Bell Ministries 1 2nd & 4th Eldress Brenda Kittrell
New Joy Bell Ministries 2   Eldress Agatha Kittrell
New Vision Every Sunday Pastor Selma Corbett
Piney Green 1st & 3rd Elder Braxton Fredrick
Post Oak 1st & 3rd Elder Charlie Howell
Revelation Mission Every Sunday Eldress Juanita Whitfield
Rockford Chapel 1st & 3rd Elder Johnny Wade
Shady Grove Every Sunday Dr. Jerome Newton
Simro 1st & 3rd Elder Sidney Harper
Smith Chapel 1st & 3rd Elder Antonio Blow
St. James Every Sunday Elder Willie Burns
St. Joseph  2nd & 4th Elder Lesile Capers
St. Mark 1st, 2nd & 3rd  Elder Merwyn Smith
St. Mary 2nd & 4th Elder Antonio Blow
St. Matthews Every Sunday Elder Claude Sawyers
St. Peter Every Sunday Elder Levoin Troublefield
Stanley Chapel 2nd & 4th Pastor Dexter Waters
Suggs Christian Temple Every Sunday Bishop Percy Cooper
Taylor Chapel 1st & 3rd Elder Stanley Swinson
Thompson Chapel 2nd & 4th Elder Jacob Pickett
Union Grove 1st & 3rd Elder George Dupree
Vision of Faith Every Sunday Elder 
Woods Chapel Every Sunday Pastor Leo Deans